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Meet Paul


Hello! My name is Paul de Burger. I provide energetic keynote presentations, presentation skills training, team building events, and interactive business and management training in locations around the world. I have been an international trainer, keynote speaker, and consultant since 2001. I am a Canadian based in Montpellier, France, and love to work in Canada, Asia, and Europe. 

My current areas of focus include presentation skills excellence, goal setting and performance, motivation, and team building. In the past I spent more than a decade specializing in entrepreneurship, marketing, leadership, and mentoring business owners. 

Published Articles 

I've been fortunate to have my writing published in the Singapore Strait-Times, Entrepreneurs' Digest, Jakarta Post, Retail Connections, Sporting Kid, Summerland Review, and many other newspapers and magazines. Click here to check out some featured articles - cheers!

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Step Up! with Paul de Burger

Step Up! is a podcast about motivation, people, and living life on your terms. 


I find people fascinating, and love to learn from their experiences. My brilliant guests through the years have included everyone from business leaders and doctors to rock stars, explorers, television hosts, and much more. 

To learn more, click here!

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