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About Paul


"As hard as one might try, it would be impossible to find fault with any facet of Paul’s seminars. Paul’s energy and enthusiasm for his subject is matched only by his sense of humour which he seamlessly blends into his presentation style. Time flies by, and not only are you having fun, but you’re gaining great insight.  Thumbs WAY up!"                                             

- Mark Stone,

           Triad Security

Meet Paul


Welcome! I have been a professional speaker since 2001, and I have a passion for helping groups and individuals to increase performance through dynamic keynotes, workshops and training sessions.


I was based in Toronto, Canada until 2021 but have relocated to Montpellier, France. I love to work in Canada, Europe, and throughout Asia. I have helped thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies, from small one person start-ups to large multi-national corporations. I love what I do, and I pride myself on presenting in a positive, energetic fashion that will engage participants and deliver lasting results.

My areas of expertise include: entrepreneurship; presentation skills excellence; facilitation of meetings and team building events; strategic thinking, and motivation for groups of all sizes. Through the years I have taught at corporate, small business, university, and government levels on a wide range of topics including marketing, sales, business planning, entrepreneurship, leadership, risk, and others.

Prior to establishing a speaking and training company in 1999, I gained valuable experience working for two of the biggest companies in the world. I began my career at McDonald's, where I trained in their renowned Management Training Program. I then went on to become Canada's youngest multi-shop manager for Laura Secord (Nestle), where I was responsible for six retail stores (three simultaneously), and more than $2 million in sales annually. I've also worked as a business development manager for a large national non-profit, and a full-time business consultant for a regional business centre, allowing me to consult for thousands of businesses, one-to-one, from all sectors. I'm also a lifelong entrepreneur, starting my first business at fourteen years old.

I am the author of a marketing book for business owners, and have been featured in publications around the world. In my spare time I love to travel, write about travel, play guitar, engage my artistic side through photography, and I host a podcast called "Step Up with Paul de Burger." 

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