Professional speaking and business consulting in Canada, the USA, and Asia since 1999.

Welcome! I have been a professional speaker since 1999, and I have a passion for helping groups and individuals to increase performance through dynamic keynotes, workshops and training sessions.


I am based in Toronto but love to work across Canada, in Europe, and throughout Asia. I have helped thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies, from small one person start-ups to large multi-national corporations. I love what I do, and I pride myself on presenting in a positive, energetic fashion that will engage participants and deliver lasting results.

My areas of expertise include: entrepreneurship; presentation skills excellence; facilitation of meetings and team building events; strategic thinking, and motivation for groups of all sizes. Through the years I have taught at corporate, small business, university, and government levels on a wide range of topics including marketing, sales, business planning, entrepreneurship, leadership, risk, and others.

Prior to establishing a speaking and training company in 1999, I gained valuable experience working for two of the biggest companies in the world. I began my career at McDonald's, where I trained in their renowned Management Training Program. I then went on to become Canada's youngest multi-shop manager for Laura Secord (Nestle), where I was responsible for six retail stores (three simultaneously), and more than $2 million in sales annually. I've also worked as a business development manager for a large national non-profit, and a full-time business consultant for a regional business centre, allowing me to consult for thousands of businesses, one-to-one, from all sectors. I'm also a lifelong entrepreneur, starting my first business at fourteen years old.

I am the author of a marketing book for business owners, and have been featured in publications around the world. In my spare time I love to travel, write about travel, play guitar, engage my artistic side through photography, and I host a podcast called "Step Up with Paul de Burger." 


Paul is located west of Toronto, Ontario, Canada (but he will happily travel to meet the needs of his clients!)


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