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Speaking - Training & Keynotes

Conference Crowd

For almost 20 years I have worked as a professional speaker and business consultant. I love my work, and have found that I enjoy tailoring programs for my clients. When hired for corporate events, I will work with you to create a unique event built exclusively for you. This means you and your staff will take part in an event meant to provide targeted training and deliver real solutions.


When conducting public seminars I always strive to customize examples and situations to make content relevant for participants. Seminars are interactive, upbeat, and engaging - I want people to enjoy their time in the seminar room while learning content that is useful to them.

Training & Keynotes


I have developed training programs and keynote presentations for small and large businesses alike, in countries around the world (with a special focus on Canada and SE Asia). Please contact me for information on programs related to:

  • Presentation Skills

  • Goal Setting & Motivation

  • Building Strong Teams

  • Service Excellence

  • Strategic Thinking / Planning

  • Entrepreneurship

Sharing information and inspiring others is in my blood; I spent 15+ years teaching a wide array of business topics to thousands of participants in various entrepreneurship programs, colleges, and private businesses.


Topics ranged from business planning and entrepreneurial assessments to marketing, branding, sales, leadership, management, and others. I have also owned and operated my own businesses, worked in business development for a large national non-profit, and managed local operations for two of the world's largest companies. This led to a speaking career that has allowed me to address groups from all different sectors, working with everyone from front line staff to senior management.


Please get in touch with me if I can assist you with your speaking or training event.


“Paul is an excellent trainer with highest integrity and dedication. He brings life to the workshop with his energetic and personable approach. He is a great training partner and a joy to work with.”                                                         Angeline Teo, d'Oz International, Singapore

Team Talk
Team Building


One of my favourite things is to work with teams and help them to improve communications, build morale, and break down some of the barriers that are keeping them from optimal performance.


My team building events are customized, and built through a dialogue with the client to understand what needs to be addressed, and what problems the team is facing.


Events are upbeat, interactive, fun, and meant to provide great learning opportunities in a positive environment.


Please contact me if you are looking for assistance with your next team building event or company "away day"!

Public Seminars


Since 2000 I have spoken to audiences of all sizes, including participants from many different cultures and diverse backgrounds.


I love public seminars because participants have actively chosen to take part in the event, have often invested their own money, and are usually driven to learn as much as they can. As a result, I don't take the responsibility of being at the front of the room lightly! 

I stepped back from offering public seminars between 2020-2022 due to the pandemic, but will be turning my focus to offering seminars once again in 2023.

In 2023 I am focusing on one specific area for public seminars:


  • Presentation Skills Training - I am happy to offer my two-day Delivering Dynamic Presentations workshop! Locations, dates, and additional info will depend on Covid-19 restrictions in Canada, Europe and Asia. Please check back here for more information. 

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