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Step Up! with Paul de Burger is a podcast about motivation, people, and living life on your terms. 


I find people fascinating, and love to learn from their experiences!


After doing two seasons of the Dynamic Entrepreneur radio show, I decided I wanted to try something different. The podcast is the evolution of the radio show, offering the following:


  • In-depth long form interviews, averaging between 45-60 mins per episode

  • Topics framed around motivation and performance, but sometimes discussions take us to unexpected and fascinating places. 

  • It won't be live, as the radio show was, but this leads to a more relaxed environment for guests

  • Guests will include athletes, celebrities, friends of the show, and people from all walks of life - there are people doing amazing things everywhere, and it's my goal to give them a voice and take the opportunity to learn from their knowledge base

  • I am fascinated by the journey that people take to get to where they are, so Step Up! will give guests a chance to share their stories and influences


I love listening to podcasts and wanted to give back to the world by providing content that people will find entertaining and motivating. The online world can be overwhelmingly negative, so discussions will be focused on positive topics. 

For more information, visit the main show website at and listen in your browser. 

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Previous Show Guests:


Ep 1: Angeline V. Teo (PEP Worldwide Asia, Entrepreneur, Author)

Ep 2: Aleksandra Wozniak (WTA Tennis Star and Canadian Olympian)

Ep 3: Tetsuji Nakamura (World Chief Instructor, IOGKF - Goju Ryu Karate)

Ep 4: Tara Weir (Adventure Cyclist / Global Explorer)

Ep 5: Fiona Steil-Antoni (Women's International Master - Chess)


Ep 1: Scott Wilson (TV's Departures / Descending)

Ep 2: Camille Miller (Musician / International Recording Artist)

Ep 3: Sarah Nurse (Canadian Olympic Silver Medallist - Ice Hockey)

Ep 4: Adrian Leeds (TV's House Hunters International)

Ep 5: Fareen Samji (Professional Golfer, 5x Canadian Long-Drive Champion, Speaker, Author)


Ep 1: Dr. Shailla Vaidya

Ep 2:  Sue London (Radio Host and Producer)

Ep 3:  Michael Goudeau (Las Vegas Performer and Co-Host of Penn's Sunday School w. Penn Jillette)


Ep 4: Robin Esrock (Travel Writer and TV Host)


Ep 5: Trevor Malkinson (Author and Minister)


Ep 6: Bif Naked (Canadian Rock Music Icon)

Ep 7: Dixie Dixon (Nikon Ambassador and International Fashion Photographer)


For full show notes, links, opportunities to support the show through donations, and streaming / downloading options, please go to:

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